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Second Generation - Family Owned & Operated


Allied Auto Wrecking has been family owned and operated since 1973. David Wilusz, William Wilusz’s son, purchased the business from his parents in 1996 and has run and grown the business to where it is today.

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David Wilusz ~



Dave has been the owner/operator of Allied Auto Wrecking for 20 years. When he took over for his dad in 1996 he made his two top priorities come to life, his goals were (and still are) to be progressive and grow this small family-owned business in a steady upward direction all while ensuring cleanliness of the yard and shop using "green" practices and helping those around him. He is a very caring and giving individual not only for the environment but for the people in his community (read our community outreach page for more information).


Dave and Samantha (his partner in life) also own and run a small farm where they grow and raise their own food sharing with their Allied Family and the community. This amazing couple truly love their animals and treat their meat animals as pets, they are very loved and well cared for.


Dave lives in Deering NH with Samantha, his step-son Dakota, Bella, Zoe and about a bazillion animals. 🙂
1-800-529-5865 Ext 11

Samantha Walton ~

Operations Manager

Samantha has been with Allied Auto Wrecking for 21 total years! She started as a young teen as a dismatler, in 1994 she took a bit of a break to explore her horizons in the financial industry and start a family. She came back home to us in 2003 as our Operations/Human Resource Manger. Samantha is absolutely the most caring individual you will ever meet. She is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Our family wouldn't be complete without her.

Sam lives on her small farm in Deering, NH with Dave (her partner in life) her son Dakota, Bella and Zoe. Samantha is also quite an impressive freelance photographer and gives horseback riding lessons in her spare time. Where this impressive woman finds any spare time is beyond me. (To learn more about Sam's accomplishments see our community outreach page).

1-800-529-5865 Ext 10

Arthur Hartford ~


Arthur has been with the Allied Family for 3 years. He brought with him 7 years experience in the automotive industry. Not only is sales but he is also an onsite mechanic.

Arthur has been with us since March 2013. Arthur works as our Head Sales Specialist and as an Automotive Technician. He came to us from Key Auto Center in Somersworth, NH where he was a Parts Manager for seven years. Arthur is here to assist you with all your automotive needs.
1-800-529-5865 Ext 14

Tammy Wilson ~

Executive Assistant

Tammy has recently joined Allied Auto Wrecking. What can I say about Tammy? She is me! Executive Assistant Extraordinaire. The voice to the stories you have read. A lover of words. 🙂 I am the newest member of this Allied family, the newborn you could say. I can honestly attest to you, these beautiful people I work with are "Truly a Family", each and every one of these amazing individuals have welcomed me with open arms. Now don't get me wrong here, I am 'the baby' of the family who still licks the light sockets and drools a lot, they will put you in time-out before the count of 3, and if they get to 3 you better run as fast as humanly possible and pray to God you don't trip! 🙂


1-800-529-5685 x12

Jonathan Salisbury ~



Jonathan has been an Allied family member for two years. He worked as an auto dismantler at Greene's Auto Salvage in Deering and at Al's Automotive in Epsom, NH. He attended Seacoast Collaborative School for Auto Mechanics. In his free time he enjoys building, hiking and hunting.

Wendell Greene ~


Garage Staff

Wendell joined us in January 2014, with 33 years mechanical experience. He worked at HG Caldwell Auto & RV as a mechanic for 32 years. In his free time he enjoys restoring antique vehicles, RC helicopters, fishing and his 10 grandchildren

Bob Walton ~


Delivery Driver


Bob Walton has been with AAW since 2011 and has been our parts delivery driver for the past three years. He is the father of Samantha Walton, our Operations Manager. Bob came to us when he retired from many years in sales. He works for us part-time and on his days off he enjoys golfing.

Zoe Walton ~

Recycling Center Pup


Zoe has been part of the Allied family for 42 dog years!. In her time here at Allied, she has perfected the difficult duty of nap taking. Her duties include keeping our feet warm, eating leftovers as necessary and keeping us laughing with her crazy antics. Zoe lives on a farm with her sister Bella, her brother Dakota and her parents Dave and Samantha.

Bella Wilusz ~

Recycling Center Pup


Bella has been part of the Allied family for 6 happy years!. She is in charge of PR, greeting visitors with happy kisses. Her duties include giving love to those in need, eating leftovers as necessary and taking walks though the yard to be sure no chipmunks or squirrels are out of line. Bella lives on a farm with her sister Zoe, her brother Dakota and her parents Dave and Samantha.