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About Us

Allied Auto Wrecking Inc. was founded in 1973, then fondly referred to as Townline Auto. Since its' inception in 1996, Allied Auto Wrecking's owner, David Wilusz, has ensured safety and green practices. He and his partner Samantha Walton are true believers in recycling and making the world a cleaner healthier place. Their green practices at home are also admirable.


Community Outreach


Here at Allied Auto Wrecking we believe in helping the community. We sponsor many community clubs and belong to many organizations.
We believe that spreading our word about green practices is key to changing the communities thoughts and mindsets.

Online Store

We finally made it!! Shop our online stock. New and recycled parts available. UPS Shipping and store pickup are now available. Now you can shop in the comfort of your own home on your own time.
Browse our selection. If you don't find what you need give us a call 1-800-529-5865!


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Car Art

♂ Aged with beauty abandon rustic truck

Car Art

Old Chevy Truck - LOVE the "bubble" windows!

Car Art


Allied Auto Wrecking

We specialize in Southern Rust Free Parts. On a monthly basis the owner David Wilusz travels south for up to 2 weeks buying and hand picking Rust Free truck beds, car & truck frames, fuel tanks, cross members, skid plates, Jeep Tubs and whatever else our customers request!
Allied Auto Wrecking

Allied Auto Wrecking feeling inspired at Baltimore Convention Center.Oct 28, 2016 @ 7:01pm

Our last class of the day Keynote: Powering the Future: Recycling in the Connected Age! Excited about this one. Then we are back to the EXPO to check out some new technology tools we want to bring back to our business to help in better serving our customers and employees!
Allied Auto Wrecking

Allied Auto Wrecking feeling excited at Allied Auto Wrecking.Oct 28, 2016 @ 6:54pm

I soooooo want my pumpkin to look like this!!